Tension headache? Back pain? Stiff shoulders?

Achieve the posture you’ve always wanted TODAY with physiotherapist Elise Lenssen for ONLY $1.99

  • Evidence Based Emerging research supports the importance of good posture
  • Benefits Boost mood, restore strength, improve flexibility, prevent pain, save money on therapy
  • Postnatal Recovery Safely get your body back after pregnancy and birth

Exercise Routines

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Sample Videos

  • Bent Over Row 1:44
  • Chin Nod with
    Shoulder Rotation
  • Single Leg Stretch 1:35

About your instructor

Elise lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband, young son and big black dog. She loves staying in shape, and is a fan of warm sunny days, autumn leaves and leisurely bicycle rides.

Over her career as a physiotherapist, Elise has had the opportunity to design and trial exercises that improve posture and build strength. Project Posture is the culmination of this knowledge - a chance to educate others and empower them to heal themselves.