Core Strength & Control

What is core strength? Is it a super-toned '6 pack', or a flat stomach and a size 6 waist? The truth, is that core strength is a well balanced set of abdominal muscles that can contract and control you when needed, and relax when not! A strong core means a well supported spine, and a solid foundation for pumping your arms and legs efficiently when you run, jump or cycle. Good core control means you can hold your spine in lots of different positions, like bending in the garden, lifting boxes or sitting at a bar. And the good news is that you can achieve good core control by using the Core Strength and Control exercise program.

This program works from the inside out; strengthening the deepest muscles first and then moving onto those 'mirror muscles' as you advance. You can have good core strength with or without the 6 pack and it starts here!

To Begin


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  • Introduction 1:22
  • Pelvic Tilt 1:21
  • Single Leg Circle 1:50
  • Bent Knee Fall Out 2:02
  • Table Top Practice 2:04
  • Ab Prep 1:26
  • Side Plank 1:25
  • Superman Arm Only 1:58
  • Cobra with Shell Stretch 1:44