Exercises for a Healthy Neck

The human head weighs more than you might expect, and it balances on a small stack of vertebra called the cervical spine. To hold your head up all day long takes strength and endurance of the muscles, and good movement of the joints around the spine. Sitting all day, using computers and driving, all put stress on these structures and chances are you know all too well of that nagging neck stiffness and discomfort at the end of a day.

The good news is that some simple exercises can be a soothing balm for those muscles and joints! A healthy neck means less pain, less stiffness and improved concentration for your task at hand. All you need is this video of Exercises for a Healthy Neck and you have the tools to start strengthening your neck and holding your head up high!

To Begin


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  • Introduction 2:06
  • Chin Nod 1:27
  • Nose Circles 1:05
  • Prone Head Lift 1:31
  • Open Book 1:43
  • Neck Rotation on Wall 1:13
  • Bicep Stretch 1:13
  • Pec Stretch Lunge 1:15