Exercises for Travel

As wonderful as travel can be, it is always accompanied by that thing called travelling… getting from A to B. And this often involves being in a small confined space for an extended period of time. Do you complain of a stiff neck or back after sitting on a plane or train for several hours?

Welcome to Exercises for Travel - a short routine comprised of exercises that work well in a tight space, designed to loosen your neck, upper back, lower back and legs in a sitting or standing position. Use this routine in the airport or even in your seat to make your travel experience more comfortable, so you can hit the ground running when you arrive at your destination!

To Begin


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  • Introduction 1:02
  • Chin Nod on Wall 1:31
  • Neck Rotation on Wall 1:13
  • Seated Spine Stretch 1:28
  • Quad Stretch 1:17
  • Wall Cobra 0:53