Upper Body Posture

How can you improve your posture? It’s a common question, and often asked as we become aware of how stooped and slumped we hold our bodies when we are sitting and standing. Of course sitting all day and using our computers every night, contribute to our increasingly stooped shoulders and back. Nothing beats moving more and avoiding sitting all day… but for many people this is impossible.

Enter the Upper Body Posture series – a progressive routine of exercises to strengthen your upper back, shoulders and neck, and make it easier to sit tall! All you need is a floor, a resistance band, and this video and you have the tools to make a change to your posture.

To Begin


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  • Introduction 2:06
  • Chin Nod on Wall 1:31
  • Chin Nod with Row 1:59
  • Chin Nod with Shoulder Rotation 2:20
  • Wall Hold with Overhead Arms 1:42
  • Prone Scap Squeeze with Arm Extension 1:20
  • Superman Arm Only 1:58
  • Posture Hold with Band Circles 1:49
  • Seated Spine Stretch with Band 1:36
  • Seated Scap Tilt with Band 3:06